Who are you?

Whether you are a Company, Sole Trader, Partnership, Individual, Company Director or a Startup, we offer a suite of professional services to help your business. It is important that the support you will get from us is relevant to your circumstances. You may need help to deal with various challenges facing individuals and businesses. Please scroll down this page and you will be able to see what we can offer you. If there are any areas not covered below feel free to contact us to discuss your own individual needs.


Companies are faced with many regulations and compliance issues which take up much of management’s time. We can provide the following services to ease that burden for you:


We have extensive experience in tailoring the audit process taking into account the size of the company and the key risks in the business. We meet face to face with company directors and/or shareholders to understand the business processes and cycles involved and the areas you feel are high risk. Our audit approach is then tailored to address these risk areas and provide assurance to you that the financial statements are free from material misstatement.

An audit is a statutory requirement however if you are a small or medium sized company, that cannot avail of the audit exemption, you may feel that the typical cost of an audit may exceed its benefits. We are conscious of this and our aim is to deliver a service beyond a pure audit. While working on your records with you our staff will consider the systems and procedures in place with a view to identifying areas where improvements could be made. In the long run this should make your business more efficient and minimise any exposure to Revenue or other compliance

Preparation of Company Financial Statements

Company directors are responsible for preparing Financial Statements in line with Company Law and accounting standards. Whether your company is small, medium, large or a group we can ensure that your reporting and compliance requirements are met.

We have experience in the preparation of financial statements from basic records, Trial Balances or Management accounts. We liaise with you to ensure we understand the books of account, policies and procedures in place in each individual business. We also provide advice in relation to the company’s systems and identify areas where improvements could be made. We have knowledge of numerous Accounts and payroll software packages. We will also assess whether the company meets the required criteria to avail of the audit exemption.

Companies Limited by Guarantee

We also have extensive experience with Company’s Limited by Guarantee and the additional reporting requirements. In an environment of greater public interest in, and concern about, corporate governance, particularly in Government funded bodies, the company requires an auditor who is able to provide the level of independent assurance required to provide appropriate comfort as to the truth and fairness of financial statements to the members.

In particular are involved with a number of Government, Pobal, Fás and EU funded bodies. Hence we are familiar with the programmes operating under these bodies and the regulations and requirements applicable.

Corporation Tax compliance

The company is obliged to file a Corporation tax return and based on the company’s profits, we would prepare the Corporation tax computations for your approval, draft the Form CT1 and file same with via ROS.

Revenue audits are becoming more frequent and extensive, particularly as Revenue have access to more and more information through various databases. The aim of our service is to ensure that Revenue rules have been complied with so as to minimise exposure in the case of a Revenue audit.

Company Secretarial

A Form B1 Annual Return, along with Abridged Financial Statements, is required to be filed with the Companies Registration Office each year. We prepare these documents and organise filing with the CRO. We can also deal with other aspects of company secretarial compliance as they arise.


Recently Sinead completed a Diploma in Insolvency by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland and deals with High Court Liquidations, Creditors Voluntary Liquidations and Receiverships. Devine & Co have a strong relationship with Ireland’s leading Law Firms, Tax Specialists and Banks. Devine & Co are one of two firms that have specialised in Insolvency Business in the West of Ireland for the past 20 years.

Company Director

As a Company Director there are Income tax filing obligations – see below.

We also perform a significant amount of ad-hoc work including Grant applications, Due Diligence, Internal Control reviews, Bank restructuring and refinancing, negotiations with Revenue, etc.

We understand the need for an advisor who is available on an ad-hoc basis for advice on various financial matters as and when required.


Sole trader, Partnership, Individual, Company Director


We can help you with a wide range of taxes from Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty, Value Added Tax and PAYE.

Our staff have expertise in preparing your tax returns ensuring compliance with Revenue guidelines.

If you don’t have the resources to complete your own returns our staff can do that for you. The VAT and PAYE regulations are extensive and as part of this service we can also ensure that Revenue guidelines are being complied with.

We will assist you to plan your business objectives to maximize tax reliefs and advise you on tax implications of business decisions.

Tax planning

Opportunities for tax planning in your personal affairs and this is an area in which we have extensive experience.

Revenue audits

Revenue promotes compliance with the tax system by vigorous pursuit of those who do not file returns, by auditing selected returns and by taking appropriate action against tax evaders.

Revenue audits can be a burden to people and may cause some disruption to their business. Devine & Co. can ease this burden by assisting you through the process and corresponding with Revenue on your behalf.


Business Start Up

We can help you choose the best structure for your business and provide assistance on forming your business, registering the business and registrations for appropriate taxes, prepare Business Plans and Cash Flow Statements if required.

We can help highlight areas you may not have considered and give expert advice to maximize the use of your business time.

Business Start Up and Business Advisory Services include:

  • Business Consultation and Initial Meeting
  • Initial company set up
  • Projections and cash flow forecasts
  • Business plans
  • Payroll maintenance, Vat compliance & basic bookkeeping
  • Management accounts
  • Budget preparation, review & analysis
  • Corporate Governance & Company Secretarial



Devine & Co also provides many other extensive services to companies e.g. Tax planning, Re-financing, Grant applications, Preparation of Management accounts, etc.