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Accounts Preparation

Businesses are faced with many regulations and compliance issues which take up much of management’s time.

Company directors are responsible for preparing Financial Statements in line with Company Law and accounting standards. Whether your company is small, medium, large or a group we can ensure that your reporting and compliance requirements are met. We also have extensive experience with Companies Limited by Guarantee and government funded organisations. An assessment can be made of whether each company meets the required criteria to avail of audit exemption.

In addition to tax compliance requirements, sole traders, partnerships, farmers and other entities may require accounts for other reasons. Accounts will summarise how your business is doing and we can help identify areas that might need attention. Accounts are often sought by banks for loan applications.

We have experience in the preparation of accounts from basic records, Trial Balances or Management accounts. We liaise with you to ensure we understand the books of account, policies and procedures in place in each individual business. We also provide advice in relation to systems and identify areas where improvements could be made. We have knowledge of numerous Accounts and payroll software packages.